How to Get Help In The Event Of An Emergency
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Family emergencies are unpredictable. There are instances that will turn life into instability. It can be a little car accident or a need for institutionalization of a loved one.  Unexpected events are emotionally taxing and stressful for many people.  There are ways to ensure your safety and your near and dear ones. Develop a family emergency procedure with these catastrophe survival strategies.


1.Unplanned trips to the Emergency Room 

An urgent need to go to the hospital makes you likely to be in a hurry and disoriented. After all, it’s called an emergency department for a purpose. In this situation, people who are coping with a health problem may feel concerned and worried.  It’s not always easy to know when you or a loved one needs to go to the hospital, but there are some telltale signs.
One of the example is if you’re experiencing a heart attack. It’s important to get medical help right away. A heart attack can cause serious damage if not treated quickly. Other emergencies that may need hospitalization include serious accidents, falls, and childbirth. 
Transporting an older loved one to the hospital might be distressing. And yes, it might be considerably more difficult if your loved one has dementia. 
It is always best to have a plan in place for hospital trips might help to reduce stress. Identify the team that will relieve you in the hospital or emergency department. 

2. A loved one dies unexpectedly

The loss of a close one unexpectedly can be a sad event. We all know that death is a part of life. Yet the unexpected death of a loved one will nonetheless be painful. It’s critical to recognize that mourning differs from person to person. Several distinct emotional responses will occur during the mourning process. Grief may harm both your mental and physical health. 
Everybody takes a varied amount of time to absorb the death of a loved one who died unexpectedly. It’s natural to feel burdened as you begin to recover and move ahead in your grieving journey.  No one can completely understand the agony you are experiencing.  There are steps you can take to make the mourning process go more smoothly
Anyone who affected by this tragedy will feel at least some of these emotions. It’s important to know that the healing process does not adhere to a set of guidelines or milestones.  Each individual saddens at their own pace. Some people may only experience a few of the following emotions. If someone isn’t articulating their grief, it doesn’t mean, they aren’t experiencing it.  It’s normal for others to want to help the grieving when a loved one passes away unexpectedly. Accepting aid might give you more time to grieve, even if you don’t feel up to connecting with people. 
Remember that, even if there has been a death, daily duties is still important.
True, it’s understandable if you don’t want to accept aid because you believe it will be a burden. Recognize that everyone who offers aid. They are it doing out of the kindness of their heart and a desire to make you feel better. Don’t be reluctant to seek professional treatment. If you’re suffering any physical or emotional indications of grieving. These indications can be trouble sleeping or a loss of food. It may be a devastating experience when a loved one passes away unexpectedlyDo not allow concerns to grow or grow into a larger mental health problem. Get help if you believe you need it.

3. A serious accident happens

A serious accident results in life-altering and often fatal injuries. These injuries not only affect the sufferer as a person. They also influence the victim’s acquaintances, workplace, and family members. A serious accident may put a family’s stress levels to the limit in a variety of ways. 
The physical hurdles persist after they start on the road to recovery. They may be unable to move freely or meet their daily requirements. It is a necessary intervention for family members. This might be physically demanding for caretakers. Especially if the accident victim is unable to walk on his or her own. 
Caregivers must use a gait belt, or an assisted lifting machine to transfer them. This task demands a lot of physical work. These duties can wear caregivers down and put them at risk of harm over time.  Members of the family are vulnerable to the abrupt change. A spouse can become the full-time caregiver for an immobile partner. The fair and dynamic relationship they enjoyed may suffer. Also, the loss of a parental figure may cause children to lash out.

4. Lost of a Child or if he/she goes missing

If a young person is thinking about fleeing, they may feel as if they have no one to talk to. The first step is to inform them that you are available to assist them. Make an effort to be open and nonjudgmental. Allow children to share everything that is on their minds in a secure environment. You may work out a plan with them if they open up.  There are instances that a youngster is uncomfortable talking to relatives. We can offer guidance for people considering running away. You may also see if their school has a counselor they can talk to.
If it concerns you that your kid is being mistreated. Read our information on exploitation and abuse and notify the proper authorities. 

5. Domestic violence occurs 

Domestic and familial violence are also criminal offenses. It occurs when a spouse or ex-partner is subjected to aggressive, abusive, or bullying behavior to intimidate and dominate. It can occur both inside and outside the home. It instills terror in the body, mind, and soul. 
The use of the following is domestic abuse/ domestic violence abuse;
  • coercion
  • pressure
  • threats of violence to dominate or influence a family member, spouse, or ex-partner
There is a power differential in such a relationship when abusive behavior or violence is utilized to dominate othersCoercive control in the framework of social violence is complicated. Describing and defining it may be difficult. Each perpetrator’s techniques and pattern of behavior are distinct. This is also same each victim experience and survivors. coercive control is present in all cases of family violence.
This has a profound influence on all victim-survivors’ safety, independence, wellness, and well-being. It eventually strips them of their sense of belonging and independence.  Victims of domestic violence abusers might benefit from regular counseling. A skilled counselor can help them to better understand and alter their behavior.
Counseling and behavior-change programs examine and tackle deeply held ideas on the following;
  • violence
  • manhood
  • the dominance of many others
  • the consequences of their use of conflict against others
  • self-control,
  • accountability for one’s conduct

6. Home is burglarized while you are away 

No doubt installing a properly fitted home security system reduces the chance of being burgled.It can be a surprise that many victims forgot to arm their security system before leaving the house.  Thieves are there to steal what they came for and leave as soon as possible. But it is perilous for a homeowner to believe that a burglar has left a home following a break-in.
When returning home after a break-in, leave the property promptly and contact police enforcement. Some burglars have been known to loiter or conceal in homes, posing a threat to families. It’s not essential to check to see if anything has been stolen before calling the cops.  It is tough to plan for and consider becoming a burglary victim. But you take proactive measures can help a homeowner significantly in the long run. Even when performing errands, homeowners should arm their home security system and secure their doors
As another preventative precaution, homeowners should examine their alarm system regularly. Home security systems are generally reliable. But it’s always an option to double-check things before traveling for a length of time. 

7. A family member has a heart attack.

Your connection may take a bit of time to make adjustments. There are fundamental things you can do to help your partner once they return home. It may be beneficial for you to undertake duties such as filling medications. 
Nonetheless, your loved one should assume responsibility for managing their medicine regimens. Also, keeping healthier lifestyle practices sooner than expected. 
Managing a loved one during their first recovery from a heart attack may be emotionally and cognitively exhausting. Don’t forget to set some time for yourself. Allowing yourself to combust outputs your own and your loved ones’ wellness and well-being in jeopardy

8. You’re at home and a fire breaks out.

Once the smoke alarm rings, a fire may quickly spread throughout your home, giving you only one or two minutes to safely leave. The spread of smoke, heat, and fire may be slowed by closing a door. Install smoke alarms in each sleeping room as well as outside each sleeping space. 
Install alarms along with the corners of your house. Make a strategy that includes everyone in your family. Examine all available exits and escape routes as you go through your house. 
Families with children should sketch a floor plan of their home. This indicates two exits from each room, incorporating windows and doors. 
Keep required equipment on each story of your homes. Examples are smoke detectors and fire escape platforms. These equipment help to aid in the fight against any potential fires. Maintain your burglar alarms once a month. It helps you avoid backup batteries and faulty circuits. 
After you’ve studied what to do in the event of any family emergency in your home. the next step is to focus on fire suppression. Install a communications network with built-in fire safety measures. 

9. Car accidents.

A responsible driver is mindful of potential hazards. You can influence how the drivers surrounding you perform. Intoxication increases the probability of a fatal vehicle accident. While inattentive driving is believed to account for 25% of all collisions.  Driving when drowsy is risky and maybe just as deadly as driving intoxicated. Exceeding the speed limit behind the wheel is yet another major cause of automobile accidents
Car accidents may have a variety of financial and bodily implications. Victims may need immediate medical attention, which can be costly. They may also be unable to work while recovering from their injuries, resulting in lost revenue
Ideally, you should be inclined to obtain compensation from the at-fault car that hit you. In several places, factual causation permits defendants to prevail regardless if they are somewhat to blameFraudulent misrepresentation is a legal concept in Virginia that frequently complicates vehicle accident prosecutions. Emergencies are unforeseeable, however
When a family emergency occurs, it is critical that you take the proper precautions. So you can protect yourself from any possible obligations. You might be held financially liable if someone is wounded or killed as a consequence of the emergency
Make a strategy for how you will address financial responsibilities if there are casualties. Prepare for the unexpected and know what to do in the event of a family emergency.
For different scenarios of family emergencies, there is an organization providing a helping hand most especially for those in urgent need.
The Foundation For Appropriate And Temporary Help ( FAITH) Social Services, a grassroots organization committed to providing economic and moral empowerment for the community, is there to help. With its noble mission to give humanitarian aid to impoverished families and individuals living in the Northern Virginia area, the organization upholds its mission to help those in need to achieve self-reliance and independence, and eventually restore their human dignity

| “In the true spirit of Zakat, we uphold our values wherein giving is more than just material, and that these also involve supporting the spirit and the mind.” 

“Our primary mandate is to preserve and restore the human dignity of each individual in the community, “ says FAITH management.



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