Food Programs

Food Programs

A snapshot of hunger in the Northern Virginia area:

0 + Individuals
in the Fairfax/Falls Church Area receive SNAP benefits (food stamps).
0% of Students
enrolled in Fairfax county schools are eligible for free or reduced lunch.
0 + Residents
of Fairfax/ Falls Church area live below poverty.
0 Residents
of Fairfax/ Falls Church are living at poverty levels.

Support – Collaborate – Distribute

Supporting Vulnerable Individuals

Low-income residents struggle to feed their families sufficient and nutritious food. Households under economic stress experience of a higher likelihood of periodic food insecurity and have to make choices on how to budget their limited resources.

FAITH, dedicated to supporting vulnerable community members, implements various initiatives such as the Qurbani Program, Herndon Without Hunger, and the Food Pantry.

Our Food Distribution Program has been a cornerstone service, managing one of Herndon, Virginia’s two food pantries. These efforts are vital for individuals facing financial constraints, and FAITH remains steadfast in its mission to ensure no one in the community goes hungry.

Our Food Pantry operates without income limits or restrictions, welcoming all individuals in need. Each household can receive items daily during designated hours. Supplies are allocated based on household requirements and inventory availability.

In collaboration with local grocery stores and food banks, we procure produce supplies weekly, including purchases from nearby retailers, to distribute at our Herndon location. Monthly, we serve approximately 400 families, recognizing the prevalent hunger in our community.

Since 1999, FAITH has provided critical food assistance to low-income families in Northern Virginia through the following avenues:

Working with the for the community

Project Food Boost and Herndon Without Hunger

Herndon Without Hunger is a community event that is held annually in the month of Ramadan. Along with our partner, Eastern Motors, FAITH volunteers distribute a 3-month supply of food to community members.

“The idea behind Herndon without Hunger is that for a month we can help people with food so that they can take care of other expenses or focus on improving their current situation. The issue of hunger has been very close to my heart. To feed a person that is hungry is a noble deed and as Muslims we are required to serve our neighbors.”

Dr. Tanveer Mirza, President of FAITH

Snapshot of Project Food Boost

worth of the food was donated to the community.
individuals were served.
Families were served.

FAITH Staff with incredible volunteers and Delegate Jennifer Boysko