FAITH recognizes the potential for development among its clients enrolled in programs like Housing and Well-Being and the Employment and Career Development Program. 

*Based on Housing Unit Availability/Openings

The Housing and Well-Being (HWB) Program is a transitional housing program designed for families who are homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless due to the inability to financially support the cost of housing. Families must first qualify for the program through an intake procedure to assess their ability to successfully complete the program and transition to housing stability. This is achieved by improving educational, and other financial opportunities.

The program also assesses eligibility for long-term housing such as Section 8 housing, housing vouchers, low-cost subsidized housing, senior housing, market-rate rentals, or first-time homeowners. All families must agree to and sign a Program Agreement to follow and participate in program rules. Any family may be terminated from the program for failure or refusal to follow rules outlined in the Program Agreement. *Units are limited and new families are admitted if a unit becomes available. 

The goal of the Employment and Career Development Program is to address the deficiency in employability skills, rectify existing shortcomings, and foster an environment conducive to understanding and influencing clients’ ability and desire for positive change. Through strategic interventions, FAITH aims to empower its clients towards sustainable employment and improved socio-economic outcomes.

Career Support – Employment – Stability

Program Objective

  • Rectify the defect in the employment searches process

  • Skills development to enhance employability

  • Understand and influence the desire for change

Career Services

  • Full-Time, Part-Time and/or Internship Employment Search

  • Resume Review, Creation and/or Enhancements

  • Career Search Tools and Resources

  • Interview Preparation and Techniques

  • Support LinkedIn Setup, Profile Review and Techniques

  • Networking Tips and Strategies

  • Salary and Benefits Negotiation Techniques

  • Skills Training and Education