Our Mission

FAITH is a grassroots organization that is committed to empowering all members of the community.

FAITH’s mission is to provide humanitarian aid to needy individuals and families living in the Northern Virginia area.

We serve all people regardless of faith, ethnicity or gender. We serve to empower people to be self-sufficient, to build strong families and to be a force of good in our community.


FAITH Lina Hafassa Scholarships

FAITH’s mission is to empower members of the community. We strongly believe that investing in education is a key aspect in creating a solid foundation for self-sufficiency and success in life.

Through the donations of generous families in the community, FAITH is currently offering two scholarships in the memory of Lina Hafassa; a high school scholarship and a college scholarship, both based on financial need. Please click on the links above to apply.

Get Involved

FAITH volunteers are the cornerstone of how we provide programs and services to the community. Get involved and make a positive difference in someone’s life today.


Emergency Cases:

Case One

FAITH is looking for $11,000 to help pay the debts of a single woman who is homeless.

PLEASE Help this woman pay off her debts so that she can continue to move towards a good future

Case Two

A homeless family in transitional housing for their three school aged children.

PLEASE help us raise $500 so that we can help this family with a laptop so the kids can do basic homework that will help them keep up their grades at school