We need your support of $2,000 for the next 12 months to help this family ($24.000).

Donation Needed: $24,000.

A family of 5 life has completely changed due to the father’s head injury.  A father of 3 children, was severely injured because of a traumatic incident. The injury includes permanent brain damage, he can barely sit up and is disorientated. He has had several surgeries and has tubes placed in his abdomen area and without realizing what he’s doing, keeps pulling them out. The wife & children have to stay with him all the time to stop him from doing this.

Last week, the father had surgery and the wife and children ended up sleeping in the car, due to an uncompassionate landlord. The wife has never worked and is a homemaker and is caring for him 24/7, he is completely bedridden.  This family is under tremendous pressure and stress physically and mentally. FAITH is working with them to provide resources and support. Please donate to help support for rent, household items and much more.